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Google Translate is an online translation tool developed by Google. It supports translation between more than 100 languages, including but not limited to English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, etc.

The main functions of Google Translate are as follows:

  1. Text Translation: Enter text or paste text into the translation box, select the source language and target language, and you can get the translation results.
  2. Voice Translation:Users can speak the sentence they want to translate, Google Translate will automatically recognize the voice and convert it into text, and then translate it.
  3. Webcam translation: Use your phone's camera to take pictures containing text, and Google Translate can recognize and translate the text on the picture in real time.
  4. Handwritten translation: In some languages, users can handwrite a word or phrase and Google Translate will attempt to recognize and translate it.
  5. Instant conversation translation: During a real-time voice conversation between two users, Google Translate can act as an intermediate translator, translating the language of one party into the language of the other party in real time.