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Youdao Translation is an online translation tool launched by NetEase. It provides web version and mobile application version (supporting iOS and Android systems), aiming to help users quickly translate between multiple languages. Youdao Translation supports translation between multiple languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Russian, etc., covering the common languages of most countries and regions in the world.

Youdao Translation's main functions and services include:

  1. Text Translation:Users can enter or paste text in the translation box, select the source language and target language, and the system will automatically give the translation result.
  2. Photo Translation: Use your mobile phone camera to point at pictures or objects containing text, Youdao Translation can recognize and translate the text in the picture.
  3. Voice Translation: By recording voice through a microphone, Youdao Translation can recognize the voice content and convert it into text for translation, which is suitable for oral communication scenarios.
  4. Document Translation: Upload the document and Youdao Translation can directly translate the content of the entire document, which is especially useful for translating large amounts of text or professional documents.
  5. Example query: In addition to basic translation functions, Youdao Translation also provides a rich library of example sentences to help users understand how to use vocabulary in specific contexts.
  6. Offline translation: Youdao Translation supports downloading offline translation packages, so users can perform basic translation operations even when the network connection is unstable.
  7. Multi-platform support: In addition to the web version, Youdao Translation has also launched applications for multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, making it convenient for users to use on different devices.

Like Google Translate, Youdao Translation may also have limitations in dealing with complex grammatical structures, dialects, etc. For translations in professional fields, it is recommended to combine manual proofreading to ensure translation quality.